Top 3 POS systems for your business online

shopify too expensive

With the help of a POS (Point of Sale) system, any business owner has an opportunity to process payments and manage their business in an easy way. For instance, with the help of the most popular POS systems, you will be able to manage sales and inventory, track employee activity, improve your relationship with the customers, check data and more. We will use this blog post to reveal three POS systems for your business online which have proven to be worth the investment.


Shopify is the fastest-growing POS system on the market. It’s designed with eCommerce users in mind, but people can use it sell products and services at land-based stores, at special events or even on social media networks. The good news is that you can use Shopify on mobile devices powered by Android or iOS operating systems. Of course, Shopify POS comes with all the basic features that modern POS systems have and more.

What’s great is that users can choose from a few different packages. If you use Shopify POS solution you can get access to over 1500 application integrations. You won’t need all these apps, but using just a few of them can significantly boost the functionality of your store.


Square POS represents a modern and effective POS system which is used by many small business owners. One of the main reasons for that is the fact that there’s no startup cost involved in this solution. Of course, there are a few things that users like about this Point of Sale system like the fact that it has a built-in payment processor. Thanks to Square POS, every user can handle inventory, make client profiles, handle employees and access detailed sales reports. You can get even more from this POS system by using some of the premium add-ons like payroll management, marketing management and more.

ShopKeep POS

What makes ShopKeep POS special is that it uses cloud technology and you can use it on iPads only. Both small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from the use of this system. If you use ShopKeep POS, you can rest assured that employee management will be easy and that you’ll get many back-office tools that can improve your business in the long run. We must highlight the fact that ShopKeep POS has excellent inventory management tools and powerful reporting tools.